Have you ever had a dream and desire to do something but have no idea what that is?

Have you ever looked at other people and although happy for them you are disappointed in yourself that you never applied yourself the same way, ate less food, exercised more?

Have you ever gone around and around the mountain and no matter how hard you try, seek, prayer, ask don’t feel like you hear or are empowered to take the first step.

Have you ever felt that it happens for everyone else and that you aren’t good enough, worthy enough, young enough, smart enough, bold enough, financial enough ….. you get the jest.

Have you ever put yourself down, talked to yourself in a negative way, telling yourself it will never happen to you, you won’t be able to stick to a new way of eating, you don’t have the connections to make your business succeed, you don’t have the staying power, you’ve never finished anything you have started?

Have you ever put off doing what you need to be doing because of helpful excuses, like I’ll research that further, I’ll start on Monday, I’ll wait until such and such is around, I’ll wait until I’ve done the business plan, read the book, watched the movie, listened to the CD before I’ll start.

Have you ever had mini breakdowns because nothing is happening with the goals and dreams you sort of have but you haven’t totally decided what they are so no point starting?

Have you ever had so much self doubt even though knowing that you can do stop you from doing anything?

Have you ever just wanted to run away?

I have, I do, I am, however that is ok and I’m on my way.  From today I stop having the have you ever and begin to have I AM ……