Hard to Get Started!

I have am having a hard time trying to get started on something or another.  I come up with an idea.  I want to achieve something, I plan, I organise, I find the material and resources but never begin.

Today it’s Friday my day off from work.  I decided today I wanted to tackle the business idea (and there is still time) however I have managed to do everything else but that.

I get distracted by things I should consider buying for my business, which tool I should use or program or system bla bla.  The list is endless.  I start researching and from that I go to another spot where they recommend something and so on and so forth and then forget what I was looking for to begin with.

Even as I write this I think I should google tools to help me!!! Crazy.

Then my mind reminds me of previously failures, that my purpose is not clear, I ask myself is it really a passion?  Not really but then it is something I can do.  Maybe the passion and purpose will come if I start.

Are you still with me?

So instead I’m going to journal my way through, pray my way through and declare out loud my way through getting past whatever this is called and begin to walk into the future.

I say no to procrastination because I choose to say yes to a greater future.

I have many dreams and visions, lots from God and over the years I have seen and walked in blessings of which I’m so thankful.

This is my cry to God this morning on my walk.  What do you want me to do?  If I let my mind wander I can think of 100 things I could do.  I am not living the abundant life that I am supposed to, so then it is thinking of ways to earn money whilst being able to travel and move away from Moree.

So I could restart a coaching business, I can grow a digital agency, I can commence a rent a website business, I can work 5 days a week for a paid job and come home so tired I can’t switch my creativity on.  I can do many things and none of them excite me.  Should I be waiting to get excited?

  • Am I too old to make a go of it again?  Have I missed the opportunity because I didn’t go down that path at the right time.
  • Am I to walk in the testimonies given to me, the ones that state I have a wanted reputation, that I have multiple streams of income, that I have so many clothes I give them all away, that we have so much $ and so on.

My concerns are that we won’t have anything to leave for our children.  That we won’t have the freedom of choice to do what we want, to give away what we want to travel where we want because of lack of finances.  Both our families have come from places of poverty and we are over 50 and still walking that path.


I declare that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

This is a new day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This is my story unravelling of my journey into financial freedom.  I truly believe that all the words spoken over my life are yes and amen.  Some have come to pass and some are a work in progress.

I choose to keep a record and to be accountable and I’m thankful that I don’t have to do it alone.