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Guest Post Service.

Why Guest Blog ?

Guest blogging offers a number of benefits for any business. By sharing your expertise on other companies’ websites, you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

  • Pitch your business, tell everyone about the business you have launched.
  • Share your story, your why and how you came about to start your Biz and inspire others.
  • Build your media portfolio.
  • Shared across to our social media groups and newsletter followers (8000+ across Australia).
  • Connect your social media handles, website and Fembuiz page, form a connection with others and gain more traffic.
  • Show your expertise in your field.
  • Gain instant exposure on our homepage with a featured blog.
  • Gain face value and trust with website visitors.

Guest Post Guidlines

See below for our two submission options.

Word count:

Minimum: 350 words

Maximum: 600 words 

Why is there a maximum word limit? 

Studies have shown that some people have a short attention span, especially when it comes to reading articles on their smartphone. It’s been found that people will start to skim a long article and sometimes, not reach the end of it if it’s too long. Therefore, we have chosen this optimal word range to encourage readers to enjoy every single word you write. 


Minimum: 2 (1 cover image and 1 for insertion into the blog article). 

Maximum: 4 (1 cover image and 3 for insertion into the blog article). 

Why this amount of photos? 

Because pictures speak 1000 words and readers respond well to visual descriptions. It also helps to break up the words and paragraphs, making the article look and flow better. 

Image Size: Images must be 2MB or larger in size to ensure sharp resolution on the website.

Children in your photos?   Please ensure that if your photos consist of other peoples children that you have authority to use these before submitting to Fembuiz Directory.

Your Story: We are looking for tragedy to triumph stories, turning a down into an up, a fail into a flourish. We want to show women that a negative can be turned into a positive with hard work, dedication, passion and being consistent. 

Your story can inspire so many women who may otherwise think that it’s an impossible journey for them to start. Hearing your story in your own words can really help someone who is struggling to take that all-important first step with their business, making it possible. 

Perhaps you would like to include your favourite quote, a useful tip, your go-to power song or the best piece of advice you’ve ever received.

Promoting your Business: You can mention your business of course, a service or product you provide, but please limit these

descriptions as members can read all about you and your business under your listing. We don’t want to overwhelm readers with promo offers, an array of the products you sell and the services you provide. The aim of the article is to talk about YOU. If you wish to add a link to your website in your article, that’s no problem. See below.

URL Links Allowed in the Blog:

1 link to your Fembuiz Business Page account, plus
1 link to your website or other.

Other Important Blog Rules:  Please do not complain, put down or bad mouth any other business listed on Fembuiz or outside of Fembuiz. We are here to support, inspire and lift each other. Together we are stronger.

No selling a certain product. No mention of prices.
No disrespectful manner towards men, children, other women or business oppositions.

Comments are to be constructive, non-critical, non-political. We will not tolerate any discrimination toward race, religion or sexual orientation.


Stick to the Three Fembuiz Guideline Principles:

  • Challenge Yourself
  • Aim to Help
  • Be Unique

Editing before Posting: Please check all spelling and grammar before submitting your blog. Your submitted article will be read by the Founder of Fembuiz or the Articles Department Manager before posting, as small editorial changes may be required at our discretion. We will send a revised version back to you for final approval within 10 days, if large changes have been made by our team or need to be changed by the author. If required, any and all changes can be submitted up to 24 hours before the agreed publication date.