She Knew

  • Day 4/5/6 4th 5th and 6thJanuary

    Thursday I was thankful that the last of the kitchen was picked up.  Lots more room downstairs now. Friday had a trip to Tamworth.  Got such great service from Beaumont Tiles and from the Furniture shop.  We had dinner with Roger and Sue.  Thankful could stay at Sue’s house. Saturday we headed back to Moree.  […]


  • Day 4 Jan 4 Blessings

    This week we had some trees cut down from the block.  I love trees but these ones were not save and also dropping lots of branches onto the roof and the gutters. We also had a Chinese Elm in the yard that was very sick and was trimmed right back. It wasn’t cheap but the […]


  • Day 3 – 3rd January 2024 Blessings

    It’s Wednesday of the last week of my holidays. Today the bath came out and so yes I put it on markplace and it sold straight away such a blessing.  I got $50 for it. I have started to move some things into the house and doing up my room.  I would like to have […]