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  • Instagram Growth Tips

    Instagram Growth Tips

    Why Instagram?

    People come to Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about, which includes content from brands and businesses.  Every like, comment, save, share, stories tag, etc. helps Instagram show your page and your photos and your stories to more people.  It seems to be that the higher percentage of people who see and engage with your photos and stories, the higher number of people Instagram will continue showing it to through feeds, hashtags, geotags, and the explore page.

    Lets face it, we always need some help in our business and I could put a whole lot of words to explain why we do things to help our instagram page grow or I’ll just leave them in tip form and you can leave a comment and explain why or share what you have done.

    1.  Make your instagram profile picture and bio stand out with a bang.
    2. Write engaging captions
    3. Create good content
    4. Images – make sure your photos are worthy to look at 🙂  Take an extra moment or two to crop if necessary. The process of taking, editing and posting your picture is vital and Instagram favours portrait shots.
    5. Leave meaningful COMMENTS on relevant profiles, not too long, not too short, 3-4 lines is perfect.
    6. Ask followers to engage on your posts with comments, to tag a friend or co-worker at the same time.
    7. Make sure you respond to the comments you get.
    8. Use relevant hashtags.  Posts with 1 # get 12% more engagement.
    9. Post photos of animals always a hit.
    10. Post selfies lets face it we all take them.
    11. Post Videos
    12. Use relevant emojis to make captions eye-catching
    13. View insights for every post and make sure to notice reach from HASHTAGS and use the data for future posts


    What are some tips that you recommend.

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