Julia-Maree Mitchell

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    Smile at a stranger (keep track of how many times you smile) Hold the door open for someone, even if you have to wait a bit. Prepare a meal for someone in need. If needed, bring it to a stranger. (Make sure you are protected, go with a friend.) Tweet or Facebook message a genuine […]


  • 30 Day Self Love Challenge

    I know that anxiety and depression have become more common especially since COVID.  Why is this happening? What can be done? One thing that people with anxiety and depression have in common is a lack of self-love.  I can relate to this and have also found loneliness to be a trigger. We are unique and perfect and […]


  • Welcome

    Sometimes you have an idea and you sit on that idea for a lot longer than you thought you would, but does it really matter.  I’ve been building websites for over 14 years and have started and stopped and done many different things over this time. Don’t let the fear of the time it will […]